Thomas Björklund

Experienced IT consultant

Thomas Björklund

30 years experience

I have 30 years of experience from developing with Cobol and PL/I in different mainframe environments. My missions have been all from development to maintenance management. I am used to lead developers,testers,architects and requirement specifiers.


I strive to build selforganising teams. My experience is that if you have fun while you work you will have a better result.


My leadership is unselfish and I always trust my team. I think that quality and working code should be the measures that you value the team from.

Agile manifesto

Jag support the agile manifesto.


I was certified as Scrummaster by SrumAlliance november 2012.

ITIL/Change Mgmt

I was certified as Change Manager after a 4 days course in London 20015.

Android development

Thomas Björklund datakonsult app


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Thomas Björklund datakonsult app

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Thomas Björklund datakonsult app

Julian day number

This application transforms a single date to a unique numeric value calledJulian day number (JulianDno on the screen)

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